Learn how the recent natural disasters affected our Caribbean, Texas-based and California-based institutions and campuses.

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
When Hurricane Irma hit Sint Maarten Sept. 5, there were more than 500 people on our campus. While they survived the storm, our group of faculty, colleagues, students (including a number of young families) and their pets, still encountered many challenges. They took care of each other, created a make-shift medical clinic to treat members of the group and the community, developed a system for feeding the hundreds of people on campus with limited food and water and dealt with unstable conditions outside the campus.

The United States military landed on the island the morning of Sept. 9 to begin rescue efforts, but it would be six days in total until all members of the group would be rescued by boat and/or other planes and transported on to the mainland. In all, 779 people and dozens of animals were safely evacuated. The situation, however, is still very serious. The hundreds of AUC students, faculty and colleagues who endured Hurricane Irma on Sint Maarten suffered a tremendous personal impact from the natural disaster. Many need to rebuild their lives entirely, having lost their homes, cars and all personal belongings.

Ross University School of Medicine
After Hurricane Irma had already caused heavy rain and strong wind, Hurricane Maria barreled into Dominica Sept. 18. Those on island braced themselves to be caught in the eye of Maria, a Category 5 hurricane. The students, faculty, staff and colleagues of the Ross University School of Medicine sheltered in-place as the strongest hurricane on record to hit Dominica battered the island, causing widespread devastation.

We executed a comprehensive evacuation effort, and as of Sept. 28, all RUSM students, colleagues and their families were evacuated from Dominica by boat to St. Lucia. From there, our RUSM family was flown to Miami and ultimately to their homes.

The hurricane has caused extensive damage to personal and school property. Many will need to rebuild their lives entirely, having lost their homes, cars and all personal belongings.

Chamberlain University
Hurricane Harvey struck first, devastating the greater Houston area and impacting Chamberlain University campuses, students, faculty and staff.

With two campuses located in the area, both colleagues and students were greatly affected. Many of their lives are still in flux due to the immense flooding and damage to their homes and communities.

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on St. Kitts has been affected by both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Though the campus suffered minimal damage, these back-to-back severe storms resulted in hardship for students, faculty and staff as they’ve dealt with impacts to their personal property.

DeVry University and Carrington College
Three major fires, the Tubbs fire, the Atlas fire and the Redwood/Potter fires started in northern California late on Oct. 8 and quickly spread throughout the region. Due to dry foliage and extreme wind, the fire continues to burn causing more than 140,000 acres and 3,500 buildings to be destroyed. The impact area continues to grow with evacuation numbers topping 20,000 as of Oct. 11. While the situation is rapidly changing, we know many members of our Adtalem family, particularly those from Carrington, are already indicating damaged property, loss of belongings, local schools destroyed and displacement from their homes as the call for evacuation continues.





The Adtalem Assistance Funds are subfunds of the Adtalem Caring Fund. Donations made to the Adtalem Assistance Funds will benefit the students, faculty and colleagues of Ross University School of Medicine, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine and Chamberlain University affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose. In addition, it will also benefit students and colleagues affected by the California wildfire at our DeVry University and Carrington College locations.